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10 Reasons Progressive Web Apps are the Future of Mobile

Updated: Jan 25

Want to learn more about Progressive Web Apps and why they are considered the future of Mobile? Watch this video that gives you the Top Ten Reasons PWA's are the Future of Mobile with examples. But for those who like to read, here's breakdown.

Here are the Reasons that PWA's are the Future of Mobile

Progressive- Progressive Web Apps work for any user regardless of the browser they use on their devices. This creates a seamless experience, which makes it easy to build loyalty.

Responsive- PWA's work on any device. This is a huge benefit to businesses and users. For businesses, there is less development cost and for users they can access a PWA on their phone, desktop or tablet.

Fresh- PWA's will automatically refresh whenever you make changes or updates.

No need to republish to an app store and users can enjoy new features quickly without

re-downloading the app.

App Like- PWA's have an app shell model that provides an app like experience. For instance, the navigation, functionality and interactions that we are all accustomed to.

Installable- Customers can save your web app to their homescreen without downloading and using a lot of space on their phone. Businesses can build their brand with this function, making it a win-win!

Searchable- Because PWA's are a web based solution, you can index it just like a website. Adding it to search engines like Google, Social Media listings and Web Directories will help get your business found.

Linkable- You can share your link instantly and they can use it just by clicking on it. Talk about seamless! We offer subdomain mapping for all of our PWA's so you have a unique URL to share. This is a great mobile marketing strategy for professionals (digital business cards) Restaurants (mobile food ordering) Retailers (mobile shopping) or any business.

Fast- A new technology the Progressive Web Apps use is service workers. This allows the PWA to work offline and in low connectivity areas.

Mobile First- Now more than ever, users are on mobile. Here are some stats about Mobile searches by industries; Restaurants (72%), Health (68%), News (64%), Lifestyle (62%) and Travel (52%). This will continue to grow year over year. Companies that have already implemented Progressive Web Apps have seen an increases in customer engagement, lower bounce rates and cart abandonment.

Frictionless- Consumers are fatigued when it comes to downloading every app for every company they do business with. A PWA solves that problem, they simply click on the homescreen icon or link and use it right away.

There are other benefits, a recent Google case study showed 11.5% of visitors to a PWA chose to download a home screen, which was much higher than email subscriptions and online store purchases. Progressive Web Apps also utilize push notifications, this is a great customer service tool to help increase loyalty by sending updates on sales and promotions. You can also use it to send updates on new features.

In Conclusion, Progressive Web Apps offer the best of both worlds, all the shareability of the web and the functionality of a native app. Having your own PWA will give you control of having ONE product for your entire mobile presence.

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