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How to Make your Mobile Web App a Success | Free Infographic

Updated: Jan 29

Now that you have a bright shiny new PWA, how do you let your customers know? I'm glad you asked! The key to ANY marketing strategy is to get the word out and show the value of what you are offering. Here are some best practices to getting started.

1) Announce on Social Media

Think of a Pre and Post launch posts for all your social media channels, it's important to let your followers know you have a new mobile solution and what they can expect. Showing the value and benefits ( i.e. easy of use, online ordering, loyalty etc) will prepare your customers for the launch and be excited to use it.

2) Print Material

I know it sounds counter intuitive to create print material for a digital product, but it is just as important to spread the word using print as other form of marketing. The best ways to announce your mobile web app if through flyers or rack cards that are posted in your establishment or stickers you can add to take out orders. These are just a couple of examples you can use. QR codes are also great tools to make it easy for your clients to get access to your PWA. Your printable should have information on why they need to use the web app and how to get started. Having an incentive will also be helpful.

3) Have Launch Event

Make a BIG deal out of your new PWA! If you're excited about your Web App, people will be intrigued and interested in trying it. A special promotion for people who download the Web App (i.e. free loyalty points or discount), a drawing for the launch event ( like using our Photo Contest tab), special pricing on your Web App for a limited time. These are just some of the ways you can promote. Remember, the goal with any promotion campaign is to have as many people as possible try out your PWA for themselves. Also, make sure you post on social media and have extra staff if you are doing a live event.

4) Train your Staff

This is probably the most important thing you can do, your staff will be an integral part of your mobile success! First, start by explaining the benefits. Then, train them convert customers to PWA users. Make sure it's a straight forward and easy to remember process (i.e. show customers how to scan the QR code and/or place an order). Be sure to encourage your staff to use the web app as well. You can incentivize staff with prizes for getting the most people to download it.

5) Send Push Notes

Push notifications can be used to promote special events, special deals like Kids Eat Free, Happy Hour deals, limited time offers and more. It is good to use this method 1-2 times per week. Don't overdo it! Too much will feel like spam and make people delete your PWA. The idea behind this practice is to give information to your customers that they want to know, so use knowledge of your customer base to choose the best day and promotion combo.

6) Be Consistent

The most important thing any business can do is to be consistent! Add a new incentive at least 1 to 2x a month that is promoted on social media and push notifications. Post about your PWA in emails or newsletters. Consistency brings normalcy. When your customer base is confident that your PWA isn't a fad, you'll see even more conversions.

Need more ideas? Contact us for a Free "Hashtags for Every Day of the Week" printable with a BONUS calendar.

Best Practices for small biz owners to market their PWA
How to Make your Web App a Success

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