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What is a PWA and Why is it the Future of Mobile?

Updated: Jan 28

We are so connected to our phones that it has paved the way for businesses to engage their customers in a more direct way. As mobile evolves so does the technology. What is the next step in mobile? It's Progressive Web Apps!

Key Stats and Benefits

How PWA's are changing Mobile

It used to be that mobile was not that big a deal, but not any more! Google has adopted a mobile first indexing since 2019. It's more important than ever to have a mobile site that Google will reward you for. Well, Progressive Web Apps were created BY Google in 2015, so having one will only increase your visibility on their search engine.

Key PWA Stats You Need to Know

  • +68% increase in mobile traffic

  • 5x faster to load and install

  • 25x less device storage required

  • 52% average increase in conversions

  • Sessions are on average increased by 78.25%

  • Engagement is often increased by 137%

  • The average load time for a page is 2.75 seconds

  • Compared to a mobile website, bounce rate is reduced by a phenomenal 42.86%

  • On average, page views increased by a staggering 133.67%!

Source: AppInstitute.com

What makes PWA's Different?

Why are PWA's the Future?

Progressive Web Apps are the best of both worlds, they act like a native app but there is no downloading from the app store because you access it through your mobile browser. This has great benefits to your customers because they are not using up space on their phones (which keeps a lot of people from downloading apps) and they can access your web app

instantly. PWA's see an average of +68% in website traffic,( Source: AppInstitute.com) which is great for businesses! Overall, PWA's have less friction, faster load times and less storage. When Make My Trip switched to a PWA, they saw a 3X more conversions than their old mobile website, which proved they'd provided a better user experience than their old mobile website.

Although there are lots of mobile users, not all of them have access to the fastest Wifi or cell connection, PWA's can work even in low connectivity areas, they will load on average 15x faster than native apps. Twitter Lite clocks in at under 5 seconds over 3G networks on most devices. (Source:Google Developers)

You can also add a PWA to your homescreen, just like a native app. This convenience benefits consumers and businesses alike. Business will have their branding on their customers phone 24/7, making them top of mind and consumers can quickly order from their favorite restaurant or retailer. One example of this is FlipKart, that saw that 60% of customer visits came from their homescreen.

With a PWA, you can also set up push notifications, which can help you bring repeat customers back or even give them incentives to try your product or service. Having push notifications helped Jumia reverse cart abandonment and their open rate increased by 38% over email opens.

In Conclusion

Progressive Web Apps have taken the mobile marketing space into a whole new direction. As you can see from these examples, PWA's have benefited businesses and consumers alike. When it comes to mobile, it's all about the experience. You need to have a seamless, no friction approach in order to build your brand and convert more customers. Progressive Web Apps do that and more.

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